Collective Artistic Project

This project, in three phases, was born as a result of a post on social media and a collective interest to be part of it, or to carry out artistic and creative projects.


In order to meet most of the needs and interests, the project is divided into three phases:


Phase 1 – Training phase. January 2020. For all those interested in working with boomwhackers, rhythmic games, percussion exercises, and collective music.


Phase 2 – Networking phase. Spring 2020. Destined to foster artistic links and delve into creative processes.
More news soon.


Phase 3 – Performing phase. Summer-autumn 2020. For people who want to participate in the process of creation and construction of a multidisciplinary performance.

This is not a cumulative or continuous project.

It is not necessary to have participated in PHASE 1 to be able to do 2 or 3. Feel free to participate according to your interests and willingness to be part of the phase(s) that most interest you.

For any questions, you can write to