Teams & corporations

The power of rhythm and percussion!

Activity for groups, facilitated with djembes, drums, shakers, claves, and other percussion instruments.

Turn your team into an orchestra!

A perfectly synchronized orchestra, capable of playing melodies, rhythms, harmonies, and songs.

A hymn for the company

A musical piece with music and lyrics composed exclusively for the occasion and performed by the entire team.

The customizable rhythmic complement

Ideal to boost the brand and to leave the mark of your values ??in every activity.

Short-term musical actions

To break the ice at the beginning of a conference or after the coffee break, to close a working day or to transmit a message in an original way.

All about values

Communication, coordination, leadership, objectives, and method. A program to work values ??through music.

A hit for the company

Rewrite the lyrics of a song, sing it, record it and make the video clip. All in 2 ½ hours.

The sound of your company

Spots, songs, video clips and ads based on the sounds that characterize you and make you unique.