Egg Shakers

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A versatile instrument, ideal for an initiation in the field of rhythm

What are Egg Shakers?

Egg shakers are maracas with the shape and size of an egg; they have a pleasant sound and are very easy to use.


They are an ideal element to reinforce all the rhythmic work that takes place in each session, a fun introduction to rhythm and music.

How to use them?

Egg shakers can be the basis of an activity itself, or they can complement other activities.

They can be used in a 10-15 minute Ice Breaker, in which the participants end up playing a musical piece together, or as a complement to a Drum Circle, a session of Boomwhackerrs, a Personalized Song, Team Building, etc.

Who are they for?

Apart from the musical/rhythmic value they hold, they are customizable. They can be printed with a logo, motto, a short text, etc.


They are a great gift at the end of the session; a musical instrument with a logo and impregnated values ??that will make the memory, both emotional and material, of the session last longer.

What possibilities do Egg Shakers have?

Contact me and I will tell you all about them.