Let it Beat

Be a legendary rock band!

Compose music, write lyrics and record a Superhit

The challenge!

In collaboration with Amfivia Outdoor Events we have created this 2 ½ -hour activity where the group, after a practical introductory phase, will experience what it means to compose and record (in audio and video) a musical piece. They will be composers and performers of their own Superhit.

The stage is ours!

Let it Beat is a vibrant experience that encourages group cohesion, works on company values ??and fosters a good atmosphere. Starting from a well-known song, and then experimenting with rhythms, harmonies, and melodies, the team enters a phase where the goal is to write original lyrics, under the supervision of professionals in the field, and then record the piece.

What is your Superhit?

Contact me and we will find the best song for your team!