Boomwhackers at school

Un munt de possibilitats per crear música de manera col·lectiva

An orchestra of colors, sounds, notes, and work in common

Boomwhackers are colored tubes of different lengths, tuned according to their color and size.


Through a practice-based methodology, the entire group can explore rhythms, melodies, and harmonies that can be created with these original instruments, so that it is possible to play pieces and songs collectively at once.

Chamber or symphonic mode?

Boomwhackers can be used both in teaching and celebration contexts. We can use them in class-groups to perform careful musical pieces, as well as turning the whole school into a great orchestra of colors and offering a great concert!

Boomwhacker concert at the Quatre Vents school in Manlleu, Sta. Cecília, 2019

A version of “Help”, by The Beatles, with boomwhackers at the Academy of Operación Triunfo, 2018

Do not miss the didactic units!

Rhythmic exercises, with boomwhackers, percussion, group dynamics, song arrangements and much more!