Drum Circle at school

When a class full of students is a percussion orchestra!

The power of rhythm and group percussion

This activity is facilitated with djembes, bells, drums, shakers, claves, and other percussion instruments.

No need to leave school

A Drum Circle allows you to find a common area of learning through play, fun, and a smile.


Without having to leave school, all students can enjoy this experience where, in a practical and non-theoretical way, we become, from the first minute, a great percussion orchestra.

I’m different. I’m important!

A Drum Circle is the triumph of diversity, where individual contributions add to the collective result.


It is an inclusive experience (nobody is excluded, not for gender, social status, religion, language or functional diversity) and it is also a powerful exercise of personal recognition: “I am different, therefore I am important and necessary”.

What will we do? How does it work?

A Drum Circle offers participants the possibility of getting to know and recognizing instruments, sounds, timbres and roles within the orchestra.


We work on musical aspects, listening, participation, teamwork (community work has a different meaning) and respect for oneself, for others, for the collective and the environment. All this is done creatively, enhancing communication, empathy, and teamwork.

Pedagogical dossier

Download more information about the Drum Circle (available only in Catalan)

Drum Circle in Ripollès schools. Escola Vedruna, Ripoll

Drum Circle at Quatre Vents school, Manlleu

Discover the didactic units!

Rhythmic exercises, with boomwhackers, percussion, group dynamics, song arrangements and much more!