To explore in depth the field of rhythms, games, performances, and group music possibilities

Workshops for both pedagogical and performance purposes

«Experience generates thought»

Based on these words, by John Dewey, the pedagogue, these workshops are designed to provide participants with an experience that aims to expand their musical knowledge and to learn new ways to play and understand music and its possibilities.


Different groups with diverse intentions, motivations, and needs have participated in this type of experiential workshops: Gospel groups and choirs that have aimed to improve aspects of rhythm and cohesion, music schools that have wanted to experience different ways of making music collectively, the Academy of Artists of Operación Triunfo, on several occasions, and CaixaForum, with whom we created and led the EPP! – a participatory percussion show.


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Operación Triunfo

Among these groups that have participated in this type of experiential workshop, there is the Academy of Artists of Operación Triunfo, a popular TV contest for singers in Spain, with whom I have had the pleasure of working in the last three seasons (2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020).

In these Drum Circles, we explored dynamics and activities playing body percussion, working with egg shakers and we playing songs with the boomwhackers.


Participatory Percussion Show. CaixaForum, 2017

Tupika Malakama

February, 2015

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They include rhythmic exercises, with boomwhackers, percussion, group dynamics, song arrangements, etc.