Teacher training

New ideas, tools and educational possibilities suitable for the classroom

Training programs for teachers to learn and develop new ideas, tools and educational resources applicable to music sessions in the classroom


Drum Circle, activities with boomwhackers, rhythmic, melodic and harmonic games, facilitation techniques, dynamics to apply in the classroom and many resources organized in adaptive sessions according to the needs and unique features of each group.

A good way to delve further into and to put into practice all the information and possibilities of the didactic units.

How to join?

Some of these training programs have been carried out in conjunction with different summer music schools (AEMCAT – Association of Music Teachers of Catalunya, and Escola de Música de Girona) and different CRP (Pedagogical Resource Centers) Ripollès, La Selva, Gironès, La Garrotxa, Gracia -Barcelona, among others.

Do you have any particular interest? Contact me and we will design a custom session!

Teacher workshop at the Gràcia CRP, Barcelona

Major AEMCAT workshop. Summer school, 2019. Co-directed with Oriol Castanyer

Check the didactic units!

Rhythmic exercises, with boomwhackers, percussion, group dynamics, song arrangements, etc…