Drum Circle

A team, a unique percussion orchestra!

The power of rhythm and percussion

Drum Circle

A Drum Circle is a group percussion activity where participants play different percussion instruments guided by a facilitator.

All the participants are placed in a circle and participants become musicians of a unique and unrepeatable percussion orchestra, from the first minute.

No previous musical knowledge is needed, and all the percussion instruments are provided.

Individual and collective

In a Drum Circle, we are made aware of how individual contribution and improvement directly affect the collective result.

It is also a hands-on experience that includes the implicit values ??of listening and communication, empathy, fun, and diversity, among others.

The circle layout puts everyone on the same level. Communication and music happen on equal terms.


Music and percussion are universal languages ??that transcend personal, organizational and cultural boundaries.

A Drum Circle can have many applications. It can be used for Team Building, for celebrating, education, health, fun, and others.

The optimal duration of a Drum Circle is 60 minutes, but it is totally adaptable to the needs of each case.

Futbol Club Barcelona, Handball section

Fundació Pere Tarrés

REMO Festival Drums

ESADE Welcome Week 2011

What else should I know about Drum Circles?

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