Personalized Song

A hymn for the team

Your values and what defines you, in a song

A personalized song – exclusive music and lyrics – to be performed by the whole team!

A great start

In a preparatory task, done before the session, we (me and the organizers) will work together both in the composition of the music and in the preparation of the lyrics of the song that we will present on the day of the event.


In this way, on “D-day” we will have a hymn tailored by and for the team, with the values ??and messages you want to convey.

A great follow up

In the session with all the participants, in order to achieve an even more powerful result, we will be accompanied by one or several professional musicians.


Their support will not only give the song a bonus quality but will also the value and expertise of having professional musicians playing live, a real treat!

A great end

The best way to end a team music session is to do it with a great final song, which all participants can perform together.

With the personalized song, a unique music piece composed exclusively for the occasion (both lyrics and music), the event will not only end on a very strong note, but the team will leave revalued and empowered..

Personalized song for TEDxSantCugat, 2016

Personalized song for the Spanish Society of Rheumatology, 2016

How is the personalized song created?

Contact me and I will tell you everything you need to know.